Rosenthal Precinct Entry

This urban design study was undertaken as part of an invited competition process instigated by Lane Cove Council and ADCO Constructions. The study was undertaken by FJMT and Panov—Scott in association.

Rosenthal Precinct is a $85 million project to redevelop the substantial Council owned car parking area in the Lane Cove village centre. The result is a new dynamic, multi-purpose, publicly accessible space that connects into the existing village centre street network with a large amount of new below grade space established for two anchor tenants (supermarkets) and car parking space.

The project is a prescient example of an adventurous local council retaining and developing a public asset to establish crucial new publicly accessible open space, infrastructure and an ongoing revenue stream. More generally the project demonstrates a plausible and viable alternate to the current spate of public asset sales justified by myopic highest and best use business cases.

The project was instigated via an open expression of interest and competitive design excellence process for the selection of a landscape design practice to lead the site planning strategy. The selected landscape architect brought on board an architect for the design and documentation of the built form. As the project was nearing completion the Council and ADCO as D&C contractor identified that the urban design response as it related to the architectural resolution of the precinct entry was not resolved in an adequate manner.

We were engaged to undertaken an urban design study to identify how the new works could better integrate with the existing fine grain street network. We were also tasked with developing an alternate architectural resolution of the gateway buildings. This involved the detailed analysis of existing urban patterns in the area and negotiating new vertical transport and service infrastructure, which was nearing completion of construction at the time. 

The design sought to minimally intervene, but to also critically enhance the benchmark design. It was satisfying to see many of the urban design strategies incorporated in the constructed works. The project is now complete and will greatly enhance the village centre over the years to come.